Kennewick is at its best when our City Council is at is best.

As a Councilman I promise to make the best decisions and priorities for our families, job growth and public safety.

My commitment to community service is long.

As Chairman of the Planning Commission I have strived to stay committed and follow our Comprehensive Plan. This commitment has brought economic growth to our city. Many new homes and businesses are doing well due in part to the Planning Commission’s work.

As a Commissioner of the Public Safety Tax I have helped contribute approximately 10 million dollars annually to Benton County much of that going to Kennewick.

As a member of the Hanford Advisory Board I am aware of any changes to Hanford and will use this knowledge to help with impacts to our community.

Nationally I help Law Enforcement & Security Officers and Veterans. By being fiscally conservative I have almost doubled the National Organization funds I oversee. I plan to bring these skills to City Council.


Serving on the Kennewick City Council I will bring my experience of Chairman of the Planning Commission, National President of Law Enforcement and Security Officers, the Hanford Advisory Board, Commissioner of Initiative 14-5 and other community service positions allowing me to begin contributing immediately.


Representing workers and their families is what I do best. While on the City Council our families will always come first.


Kennewick has always been my home and I have raised my family here.


I will bring a new perspective to a growing community.


I enjoy community service and would very much appreciate your vote.



Ed Pacheco or FB

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